Sunday, April 3, 2016

LFO - Frequencies (1991)
'Frequencies' is one of the more genius electronic album ever made. The perfect synthesis of electro, house, acid, and techno, everything far ahead of it's time. It starts with an acid house's pionneers tribute and it ends with a mysterious dark ambient ballad, there is moody but also very effective tunes, downtempo or uptempo. A Masterpiece!

01 Intro
02 LFO
03 Simon From Sydney
04 Nurture
05 Freeze
06 We Are Back
07 Tan Ta Ra
08 You Have To Understand
09 El Ef Oh!
10 Love Is The Message
11 Mentok 1
12 Think A Moment
13 Groovy Distortion
14 Track 14


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