Saturday, June 25, 2016

Absetzer FULL Label

Rhythmic Noise, Hardcore, Industrial
Absetzer is the digital label dedicated to extreme forms of rhythmic electronic music, such as rhythmic noise, hard IDM and digital hardcore. Absetzer is the part of Alter-X promotion project.

[AB-001] t_error 404 - Crush Hour
[AB-002] t_error 404 - Operation Anti Error
[AB-003] Psy Virus - Waveforms Of Sound Freedom
[AB-004] Various - Movement
[AB-005] t_error 404 - False Level EP
[AB-006] Protuberanzed - Doomsday Machine
[AB-007] Hezzel - Under Pressure
[AB-008] t_error 404 - Mecanizmo
[AB-009] NaRick - Transcendental Storm

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