Saturday, June 4, 2016

Twisted's Darkside Podcast 003 - Scorpio (2011)


The official Hardcore and Gabber Podcast from Twisted's Darkside crew,
showcasing a different talent's exclusive mix each episode.
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Dione – Partystarter
Angels of Darkness – Scorpion King (Weapon X Remix)
DJ D – Back on Track
State of Emergency – Vanity (T-Junction Remix)
Dr Z-Vago - Bonebreaker (Chrono +Demon Dwarf Remix)
Dyprax and Anger Fist – Pearly Gates
Dione – Loud as a Whisper
Nosferatu – Leave me Forever in the Dark (Project Hardcore 2010)
DJ D – Back to da Hard
Nagoyah and Saphira – Create the Future (Nightmare Anthem)
Tha Playah – Always Right
State of Emergency – Our Remendy
Recype – Or What !
Tieum – No Name
Unexist - #1

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