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Label founded in 1999 focused on chiptune & videogame-influenced releases and the 8bit homecomputer aesthetic.
The 8bitpeoples first came together in 1999 as a collective of artists sharing a common love for classic videogames and an approach to music which reflected this obsession. Our primary interests were to provide quality music for free and most importantly to have fun. In the years since, we have grown in rank and expanded our goals.
We continue to provide the vast majority of all our releases for free, including printable covers and inserts so that anyone with the desire to can 'manufacture' physical copies of our albums. Furthermore, limited runs of most of our releases are available, offering superior sound quality to the mp3 releases and occasionally bonus tunes.
In addition to our continuing devotion to music, we now have a research & development division dedicated to the creation of software, construction of hardware, and dissemination of documentation related to our cause. Our love for the audio/visual aesthetics of early videogame consoles and homecomputers continues to provide us with the drive to push the medium to its very limits, and then see just how much further we can go after that ... you know, just for fun.

8BP002 Nullsleep - Wooden Polyurethane Papers
8BP003 Yuppster - The Okinawa Campaign 1
8BP008 Nullsleep - Click Bleep Click
8BP011 Ten And Tracer - Ache Tree
8BP012 Ten And Tracer - Vertex
8BP016 Yuppster - Simon
8BP017 Nullsleep - Hello World
8BP018 Commie6 Slap The Pigeon
8BP019 Tangible - Homewerks
8BP020 Tangible - LOL
8BP021 Sabastian Boaz - Warm Feeling
8BP022 Yuppster - My New Album
8BP023 Commie6 Boolean Values
8BP024 Sabastian Boaz - Sabby Inside You
8BP025 Ten And Tracer - Dark Before Dawn
8BP026 Sabastian Boaz - Sabby Inside Me
8BP027 Nullsleep - The Gameboy Singles 2002
8BP028 Various - Axel F
8BP030 Rugar - My Girl, The Princess
8BP031 Twilight Electric - Rawk Hard
8BP032 Mesu Kasumai - My Fiero
8BP033 I, Cactus - I, Cactus
8BP034 Mesu Kasumai - 3 Channel Metropolitan
8BP035 Sabastian Boaz - Audiocraft
8BP036 Minusbaby - Monkey Patch
8BP037 Trash8 Hologram
8BP038 Various - The 8bits Of Christmas
8BP039 Twilight Electric - Meanings
8BP040 Psilodump - Memory Loss EP
8BP040 Psilodump - Memory Loss EP
8BP041 Paza - Ninjani Diskus
8BP041 Paza - Ninjani Diskus
8BP042 Lo-Bat - Game Boy
8BP043 AY Riders - ZX Spectrum Is Alive
8BP044 Goto8 Contech
8BP045 Twilight Electric - Razor Blades
8BP046 x|k - Nestek
8BP047 Role Model - A New Fragrance
8BP048 Various - The X-Dump: Filesystems
8BP049 Binarpilot - Defrag
8BP050 Various - 8BP050
8BP051 Random - Happy Ending After All
8BP052 Mesu Kasumai - Belle Isle Raceway
8BP053 Amor Antiquita - Metallic Sonatas
8BP054 Divag - Gameboy Tunes
8BP055 RushJet Sounds Of The 2A03
8BP056 Snoopdroop - Artificial Flavor
8BP057 Depreciation Guild, The - Nautilus
8BP058 x|k - Outra
8BP059 Bit Shifter - Information Chase
8BP060 David Sugar - Fresh Off The Chip
8BP061 Alex Mauer - Blast
8BP063 Dorothy's Magic Bag - Viva La Revolution!
8BP064 Handheld - Muggle Trick
8BP065 Anamanaguchi - Power Supply
8BP066 Vim! - Extended Loo Break
8BP067 Coleco Music - Confessions In A Chatroom
8BP068 Psilodump - Mutiny Of The Robots
8BP069 She -11 - Pioneer
8BP070 Xinon - Moonlight Sympathy
8BP071 Virt - FX3
8BP072 Gordon Strombola - Legendary Live At Microdisko, Stockholm 2006
8BP073 Mark DeNardo - Lion, Tiger, Bear
8BP074 Phlogiston - Mode 3
8BP075 Kplecraft - Multi-Boxer
8BP076 RushJet Out There
8BP077 Nullsleep - Electric Heart Strike
8BP078 Mr. Spastic - Uber l33t n00b br34k5
8BP079 Random - Bad Joke EP
8BP080 Xinon vs. Sabrepulse - Realization
8BP081 Stu - GreateST HITs

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