Thursday, March 17, 2016

Darkside / A.I.D.S. - Shamanik (2007)

Speedcore, Hardcore

1-01 Darkside - Decadence, Satanisme Et Destruction (76:16)
2-01 A.I.D.S. - 'Barbie Tue Rick' (72:02)

CD 1 is 1 track. Most of the time all you hear is "machine-gun" speedcore. As much as I love the style itself it gets boring rather quickly, I find myself skipping it all the time. Some noises in the background,effects, minimal voice samples, some guitar riffs but all you really hear is that machine gun that doesn't even seem to change in frequencies or bpms thru out most of 76 minutes. You can skip to any part of the mix and chances are you'll hear the same exact beat.

CD is split into 37 tracks (thank god) From harder then usual fast industrial hardcore all the way to speedcore and onto machine gun. Similar in style to cd1 but this one is done right. You get some variety here, beats change, bpms shift back and forth, it's 100% badass and evolving. Keeps me wanting to listen to it again and again.

No track listing provided for neither cds

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