Saturday, March 26, 2016

VA - - The Process of Deathbangin (2007)
Let's get down to business now. Delayed with almost a month we are at last able to present you our biggest and probably most powerful release. It is a collaboration between ODP and and it is A TWO-HOUR-LONG GABBER/HARDCORE COMPILATION. The songs are divided into two cds, the first one includes melodic gabber and the second cd is full of brutal hardcore. The compilation includes awesome tracks by all artists: Zwelwe (including some of his collaborations with Animassacre), Pete Ax, Dark T, Dj Fuck, Ripper, Zansphere, Lothren, Fekal Family, Tool. With the help of the Bulgarian gabba society and portal - the release will be live presented in an upcoming party, but for that more info will be announced later! Go download now, and leave us some feedback!!!

01 Intro.mp3
02 Dark T - Too Many Secrets
03 Pete Ax - Mellow Junkie
04 Zwelwe - Chronoactive
05 Dark T feat. mc Fuck - Groundflash Anthem
06 Dj Fuck - Kill Bill
07 Zwelwe - My Destination Is Top Of The World
08 Lothren - Othergates Globe
09 Zansphere - The Synth Syndrome
10 Pete Ax - Psychopath
11 Dj Fuck - Break It On Down
12 Lothren - Powerful Extazy
13 Ripper - Dark Face
14 Zwelwe - Exigent Circumstances
15 Pete Ax - The Only Thing To Love Is Hardcore
16 Zwelwe - God Damn Shit (live sound shot)

01 Intro
02 Pete Ax - As A Cake In Love
03 Tool - Baze Iz The Demon
04 Pete Ax - The Darkness
05 Animassacre & Zwelwe - EF2 Torture Methods
06 Pete Ax - Intelligent War
07 Zwelwe vs. Project Coelophysis - Ultimate Combi of Nations
08 Pete Ax - Turn the Light On (harder edit)
09 Animassacre & Zwelwe - Cryptogenic Infection
10 Zwelwe - Kill'em All
11 Fekal Family - Urvu Ti Xicht (terrorized rmx by Pete Ax)
12 Zwelwe - Mate To Jeste Zivy
13 Pete Ax - Fight The Madness
14 Pete Ax - EBS Noize Test part VI


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